Types of Die Cast Tooling/Molds

Types of Die Cast Tooling/Molds

Mold Base/ Holder Block Tooling: This is the tooling utilized to support Insert Dies/ Molds and Unit Die tooling. The Mold Base/ Holder Block die cast tooling facilitate the flow path of the molten metal into the Insert Dies/ Molds and Unit Die tooling. Mold Base/ Holder Block Tooling is typically used for lower volume die cast part production and for prototyping die cast part designs. Shamrock Industries has standard Mold Base/ Hold Block tooling to be able to accept your existing Insert Dies/ Molds and design new die cast parts utilizing Insert Dies/ Molds.

Class ‘A’ Die Cast Tooling: This is the best performance and longevity die cast tooling available. All Class ‘A’ Die Cast Tooling is manufactured with the highest quality hardened tool steel in the U.S.A. This is complete tooling that will fit directly into a die cast machine. Class ‘A’ Die Cast Tooling usually has elaborate porting to cool the tool using water or oil to extend the number of die cast parts produced over the life of the tooling and to decrease cycle time of part production. Class ‘A’ Die Cast Tooling is easily transferrable to other die casting companies. Shamrock Industries has 11 die cast machines to support your transferred Class ‘A’ Die Cast Tooling with Zinc die cast parts up to 5 pounds and aluminum die cast parts up to 11 pounds.

Family Dies/ Molds: Family tooling is where more than one part design is cast at the same time within the same tooling inserts or multiple inserts. Changing inserts on Family Dies/ Molds typically represents downtime for the machine because the tooling needs to be removed to change inserts. Family Dies/ Molds can be a great option for your die cast part needs; however, it is important that your die caster meticulously control production variables to insure the highest quality parts for your Family Dies/ Molds. We are poised to accept your existing Family Dies/ Molds and manufacture you Alumunum and Zinc die cast parts.

Die Cast Part Trim Tools/ Dies: Trim Tools/ Dies are usually manufactured along with Class ‘A’ Die Cast Tooling. A Trim Tool/ Die is a hardened steel tool used to remove excess metal from the die cast part providing for cost savings and close tolerance ‘clean up’ of the part. The Trim Tool/ Die is installed in a hydraulic press and when actuated the two halves to the Tool/ Die come together and ‘Trim’ or shear the excess metal from the die cast part. The excess metal can then be recycled.

Pic of part before and after trimming.

Tooling to Manufacture Die Cast Parts

The design and manufacturing of Die Cast Tooling, Dies, or Molds is critical to the final quality of your die cast component parts. The type/ form of tooling best suited for your die cast parts will depend on the quantity, part design and size, and perhaps mating parts (family die/ mold). In addition to the die/ mold to cast your component parts, it may also increase quality and reduce part cost by utilizing a trim die.

Manufacturing New Die Cast Tooling

Shamrock Industries understands that tool design and manufacturing is critical to successful and timely production of aluminum and zinc die cast parts. Because Shamrock Industries services numerous industries with diverse part designs, we have found it beneficial to the customer for Shamrock Industries to obtain tooling quotations from our qualified tooling craftsmen located in the U.S. and present our recommendations to the customer.

Commercial transactions for tooling are directly with the customer and the toolmakers. Shamrock Industries interfaces with both the client and toolmaker on design consideration and schedule of initial first article die cast parts. Typically, first article die cast parts are manufactured within a couple days of receiving the new die cast tool. Tooling manufactured in U.S. also helps control of your intellectual property and market introduction of new products.

Shamrock Industries contracts all U.S.A. tooling sources. It has been established that tool steel supplied to our tooling sources is certified and traceable. Aries Tool and Intregrity Mold are state of the art manufacturers of die cast tooling. All sourced Shamrock Industries die cast tooling is certified H 13 tool steel. We also suggest that after first acrticle samples are approved that you, as our customer, insist on the Solvenite Process, produced by Prolong Tool to insure extended life for your tool investment and quality of your castings.

Terms for New Tooling:

  • 50% down with purchase order and approved drawing and/or files.
  • Balance upon first article approval.

Transferring of Die Cast Tooling

Shamrock Industries welcomes your existing die cast tools and molds. Shamrock Industries can accommodate insert dies and unit dies utilizing our mold bases, family mold tools, and full Class “A” die cast tooling. When your die cast tooling arrives at Shamrock Industries we will immediately inspect and photograph and advise you of status tooling. Any needed repair/ maintenance will be performed and first articles provided immediately for your review. There is no charge for running first articles on transferred tooling for aluminum and zinc die cast parts.

Maintenance of your Tooling

Tooling maintenance and minor modifications are performed in-house. Shamrock Industries take great care in maintaining your tooling to insure optimal quality of die cast parts and life of tools.